Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Weekly Wednesdays: Update Madness!!

Hey!! There will now weekly updates with this blog!!!  Which is good, because weekly updates means updates at all!  And updates are importnat or something...

Backgrounds: 0/24 complete,  0/24 colored, 1/24 sketched, 24/24 laid out

This Week Overview:
I am currently behind schedule in the production of this project and it's largely the fault of myself, since I've my hands in a-many of other pots.  (Tsk Tsk Brandon)  But I think that if I just set aside a bit of time this weekend to really power on through, I'll get to a good place.  I've also made the decision this week to spread my work out a little more- meaning that I would like to work more spread out instead of being limited by a more limited work arc.  It'll call for a more complex work schedule but, in the end I'll be happier, and not feel as if I'm staring at the same thing forever.  I'll leave that for when I get hired.

This Week In Schedule:
So this week is a big week in catch up.  This weekend I hope to accomplish a lot across the board in every area of what I'm working on.   After taking a nice little look at what I have left to do, I've decided that I need to take the time to work on a number of backgrounds a week.  Most of the backgrounds are in the first scene, the second two scenes only have 1-2 each.  So I've decided that I should accept no less than 4 sketched backgrounds a week, 2 lined and flat colored background, or one finished background a week from myself.  Or some weird balance of all of them.  This should help me at least have a more finished looking film in the end. Concerns at this point, is that I'm pretty sure I won't have too much of a beta of the game in the end, as well as some of the lip-syncing for the first scene may not be completed by the end of the semester.  But I will definitely try my best.

Production Check List:
• Scene 1:
- Keyframes 40%
-Roughs 40%
- Final Line 10%
- Shadow 3%
-Backgrounds 6%
- Misc 0%
- Sound 85% (needs score)
• Scene 2:
- Keyframes 60%
-Roughs 0%
- Final Line 10%
- Shadow 1.5%
-Backgrounds 30%
- Misc 0%
- Sound 70% (needs sfx + score)
• Scene 3:
- Keyframes 15%
-Roughs 10%
- Final Line 0%
- Shadow 0%
-Backgrounds 0%
- Misc 0%
- Sound 35% (Needs stand in audio for a section + score + sfx)
• Game Assets:
- Mark Sprites 80%
- Ed Sprites 40%
- Backgrounds 0%

This weeks entry was kinda devoid of pics and vids, so I'll leave with a hiaku of my own creation:
Yeah, yeah, ya'know? Hmmm.
Yeah, yeah, ya'know? Hmmm, yeah, yeah.
Ya'know?  Hmmm, yeah yeah.
Fairly inspired by Life Without Buildings song Let's Get Out:

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