Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weekly Wednesdays: Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Backgrounds: 0/24 complete,  0/24 colored, 1/24 sketched, 24/24 laid out
Game: Level 1- 18%, Level 1 Boss- 7%

Currently working on: Scene 2+3, Game Assets

This Week Overview:
Well I had a good plan to play catchup over the weekend, but it didn't quite go as completely planned.  But this is alright because I had a good row with this whole thing recently and as long as I continue at it like I have been everything'll be allllrriigght.

This Week In Schedule:
I've been working away on all assets of the game, as well as miscellaneous tasks regarding the cut scenes. With spring break on the horizon I've added the new short term goal of having a playable alpha up on the blog by the end of this month, sans boss.  Possibly with a menu and intro as is thrown in just for show.  Right now it seems like a pretty good goal, but we'll see how it pans out later.

Current Work Reel of Scenes 1-3

Also have some sketches I did this week!!  Mostly things that are to be fixed up from the current alpha of the first level.

Nothing too luxurious, just some sketchhuuzzzz.  Next week's post will be even more picture heavy!!  Whoohoo!!

Production Check List:
• Scene 1:
- Keyframes 40%
-Roughs 40%
- Final Line 10%
- Shadow 3%
-Backgrounds 6%
- Misc 0%
- Sound 85% (needs score)

• Scene 2:
- Keyframes 60%
-Roughs 0%
- Final Line 10%
- Shadow 1.5%
-Backgrounds 30%
- Misc 0%
- Sound 85% (needs score)

• Scene 3:
- Keyframes 15%
-Roughs 10%
- Final Line 0%
- Shadow 0%
-Backgrounds 0%
- Misc 0%
- Sound 65% (Needs score + True audio in a section)

• Game Assets:
- Mark Sprites 80%
- Ed Sprites 40%
- Backgrounds 0%
- Enemies 24%

Weekly Youtube choice: Since I'm currently also messing around with the score a bit I chose another song:
Duchess Says- Tenen non neu